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The Future of Foldable Smart Phones

Image via Royale

Sometimes the future looks to the past for inspiration. Imagine the early 2000’s flip phone given a futuristic makeover. Phone manufacturers are looking into producing a new kind of smart phone and tablet made from malleable materials that give devices the ability to bend and fold! Samsung representatives have recognized a consumer desirefor foldable phones and stated that they are very close to creating a functional model of a pliable phone after initial struggles with its development. The technology needed for these bendy phone tablets is indeed advanced, but a small California company has already released their version to the public, beating Samsung to the punch. Royale introduced their FlexPai device just last month in China and have begun selling their phones this month starting at $1300. The FlexPai has an almost 8 inch screen when completely flat, but it folds in half to reveal three useable screens on the front, side fold, and backside. The FlexPai isn’t perfect though – it’s bulky when folded and has glitches when trying to reconfigure itself after bending in half.

Video via YouTube/Наши Обзоры

The concept of a bendable phone is cool in theory, allowing anyone to have their phone and tablet in one device, but until manufactures can make the 2-in-1 less cumbersome it does not hold much appeal for consumers. This does bode well for the aesthetic future of smart devices, as they will only become more condensed and convenient to use in the years ahead.


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