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2018 Gift Guide: The Student


Gifts that make studying a little less awful.  

1. Porte Play Organizer with Roll Out

This compact organizer for cords and other tech accessories fits easily into full backpacks and packed dorm rooms.

2. Portable Power Bank with Flashlight

Charges devices and provides a light source for late-night study sessions.

3. Shure Sound Isolating Earphones

Blocks out external noise for better focus.

4. USB Charging Hub

Space for everyone in the study group.

5. Homesick Candle

Smells like home.

6. LiveScribe SmartPen and Notebooks

Instantly digitize handwritten notes.

7. Shure Digital Condenser Microphone

Spend less time worrying about getting everything down in notes, and more time paying attention to the lecture.


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