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2018 Gift Guides: The Photographer


Gifts that let your favorite photographer get the right shot. 

1. Porte Play Organizer

Keeps memory cards, cables, lens caps, and other camera accessories close by.

2. Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Bluetooth Speakers

On set entertainment for photoshoots.

3. Wireless Shutter Remote  

Prevents camera shake and is great for self-portraits or long exposures.

4. Sekonic LiteMaster Pro Light Meter

Quickly measure ambient light for perfectly exposed photos.

5. Three Axis Bubble Spirit Level

Ensure that shots are level every time. Great for landscape and architectural photographers.

6. BlackRapid Cross Shot Breath Camera Strap

For left or right handed photographers, this strap holds the camera so it rests upside down on the hip so it can be quickly raised into position.

7. Lenspen

Small, portable, and easy to use, this brush and cleaner will keep lenses clear of dust and fingerprints.

8. Portable Charger with USB and AC Outlets

Always have an outlet close by to charge camera batteries, laptops, and other devices.


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