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2018 Socially Relevant Halloween Costume Ideas

The hardest part of Halloween is choosing a costume that you don’t have to spend all night explaining. Here’s a list of costumes that are very October 2018, so you can spend the night enjoying festivities instead of explaining to another stranger what obscure art house film character you’re supposed to be.

Image via Billboard

1. Kanye West & Lil Pump in “I love it”: To mimic the rappers comically large suits, thrift a men’s XXL sweat suit (maybe throw on some extra layers underneath & a large chain) and bam, you’re done!This is a great couples costume, especially if you live in a colder climate.2. Elon Musk, Grimes, and Azealia Banks: Their scandal rocked Twitter, was Elon truly tapping Azealia’s phone and WHERE was Grimes? Choose your role and get 2 other friends to dress the part and act out the drama throughout the night.

Image via Epic Games

3. The Incredibles: In honor of our favorite heroic family making their return to the big screen, throw on a red jumpsuit, slap a black circle with the Incredible’s logo onto your chest and save the city! Or dress up as the legendary, Edna Mode.

4. A JUUL: Everyone’s obsessed with these sleek e-cigs, throw on an all-black outfit with a green glowing dot on your chest or make the rectangular JUUL shape out of cardboard.

Image via Wynton Redmond

5. Your favorite meme: 2018 has been full of ridiculous memes, from the FBI agent watching you work behind the computer screen, to the odd Johnny Johnny Yes Papa YouTube videos, scour Twitter and Instagram for your favorite and most easily replicable meme!


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