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A Drivable Bugatti Chiron Made Entirely Out Of Legos

Image via Lego

Lego is known for creating large scale, statues and models using their interlocking plastic building toys. In 2013, they built a scale model of the X-Wing fighter from Starwars using 5.3 million Lego pieces.This year the toy company has outdone themselves with a Bugatti Chiron that can actually be driven!

Lego began construction on the Bugatti in 2017, and millions of tiny toy blocks and 2,304 Lego electric motors later, they have finished the project. The Lego Bugatti Chiron is essentially completely identical to the original Bugatti, besides being built from plastic blocks and only reaching 18 miles per hour. (The real thing can reach 261 MPH).

Aside from those differences, everything else on the car is shockingly functional from the doors that open and close, to a functional steering wheel, and even the spoiler that can lift up and down. Typically, the builders for Lego’s larger creations use glue to hold the models together, but their Bugatti is held together by a steel frame that was used to support the weight of the car’s accessories, the driver and a passenger.

Image via Lego

The car is not for sale, though we’re sure there are a few collectors that would love to get a hold of it. We’d also love to see Lego making smaller scale consumer versions of the car: Imagine how excited a kid (or an adult) would be if they could putter around in their own Lego Bugatti.


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