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Angry Birds AR Game is Tied to Pricey Hardware

Video via Resolution Games

When Angry Birds first became available on iOS, it was an instant hit. Everyone was obsessed with firing these vengeful birds into elaborate wooden structures and taking down a few smug, green pigs. After the success of the game franchise, toys, and movies, the masterminds behind the game, Rovio, are bringing the birds to life with virtual reality. Thanks to their partnership with Magic Leap One, which creates beginner-friendly VR consoles, and Resolution Games, who design virtual and augmented reality games, Rovio is delivering Angry Birds to your home for a fun semi-real-world experience.


Image via Rovio

In the new AR version, the world is your battle ground. With Magic Leap One’s sleek goggles, you can play the game on any surface. To send your birds flying into the pig’s structures, you will need MLO’s handheld controller to pull, aim and release the slingshot. The most impressive feature of the AR game is the ability to walk around the structure and play the game from any angle, standing up or sitting down, in super close range or farther away. The game is completely interactive and rewards you for trying out new possibilities.

Rovio not announced when the game will be released, but many excited Angry Bird fans may be already discouraged by the $2,300 price tag for the equipment needed to play the game.

We’re interested in seeing how Rovio and other companies will adapt this concept to create affordable versions of the game  as technology improves and become more accessible.


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