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Animals as Iconic Characters from our Favorite Series

Image via Unsplash

In proper Halloween Spirit, these cute fluff balls are all dressed up! Get some last minute halloween costume ideas for your pets, or let them live their best lives and wear these costumes all year round. 

Image via Etsy/Turvytopsy

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s hopping around? Its, a Bunny as Superman!

Image via Instagram/morpheus_a

Guinea Pig as Ash with Pikachu from Pokémon…Gotta catch em all (all the carrots)!


Image via Korrect Kritters 

Dog as a cute and curious Ewok from Star Wars.

Image via Buzzfeed

Cat as Batman...he refuses to save Gotham until he’s been fed!

Image via imgur

Coming in next is Batman’s arch nemesis, the Joker, played by a cheeky pug- he promises not to terrorize Gotham in exchange for bacon treats.

Image via Costume Works

The cutest clown we’ve ever seen! 2 pit bulls reenact “It”.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Vacuum   

Image via LOLSnaps

Another Harry Potter favorite, our beloved Dobby, free from servitude thanks to a simple sock (is this why dogs love stealing socks?!)

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