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BOSE Creates AR Glasses That Send Sound Right Through Your Temple!

Image via Bose

When you think of a sunglasses company, we’re sure that Bose does not come to mind. Mostly known for their sleek, noise cancelling headphones and bass-heavy Bluetooth speakers, Bose now seeks to release wearable audio technology in the form of stylish, augmented-reality eyewear.

The matte black sunglasses feature an audio player that sit near within the frames, near your temples. It is able to play music, and relay information to the wearer that only they can hear. The frames also flaunt a nine-axis sensor that allow them to understand what you’re looking at and, combined with data from GPS and other apps like Yelp, it can give you information about your surroundings. To utilize Bose’s augmented reality components, the wearer only has to tap the right-side temple to hear relevant information about their current location. When taking the sunglasses for a test run, writer Alexander George compared the glasses to a personal tour guidethat only spoke when beckoned and didn’t overwhelm you like many other AR prototypes.

Image via Bose

            The sunglasses will be up for sale at the very beginning of the New Year, January 2019, priced at $199, which is on par with other brand sunglasses like Ray-Ban. You’ll have your choice between two styles, a square frame or a rounded-keyhole shape, and the lenses will block harmful UVA/UVB rays. At a full charge the glasses can be on standby for up to 12 hours and give audio playback for up to three hours.

            These glasses seem to be a much more practical option than Google Glass, with its stylish design and less visible hardware, we can actually see these being a huge hit. The future is looking, and sounding, pretty neat.

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