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Startups to Watch

In an age of crowdfunding and angel investors, many entrepreneurs are given the chance to turn their cool ideas into a business reality. The influx of successful startups can almost be dizzying as new companies seem to sprout up every day. Many of these young firms seek to change the world we live in for the better, whether it’s giving people easier access to employment opportunities or offering natural products that won’t harm your body or the environment, visionary start-ups are quickly transforming our everyday lives. Here are three relatively new startups worth checking out:

Image via Ollie

1. Ollie

Realizing that many dog foods can actually be harmful for dogs, Gabby Slome co-founded Ollie to create healthy, natural food that would actually nourish our furry children. Ollie hand prepares a week’s worth of food for your dog and delivers it to your door, already portioned. The meals are chosen specially for your dog’s breed, with options of chicken or lamb meals that also include gourmet ingredients such as kale, chickpeas and blueberries. Prices start at $3 a day for smaller breeds.
Image via Molekule

2. Molekule

We’ve already written about the importance of purify the air you breathe from indoor pollution such as fabric chemicals and extreme allergens from heating or cooling systems. Now, a new company called Molekule has revolutionized the air purifier by actually destroying the harmful molecules in airborne pollutants instead of trapping them in an air filter like the standard purifiers on the market. Molekule’s device is minimalistic in design and can be controlled from your mobile device. Their killer double filter system has rave reviews of thoroughly cleaning the air, and you can have it for $799.

3. Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty that mixes all natural conditioners and shampoos that are made just for you. After you take a quiz about your hair type and hair goals, the company matches ingredients to your hair goals and creates a product formula especially for you. Function of Beauty also allows their customers to pick the fragrance and color of their products, essentially giving you complete control over what goes in your hair. For $36, you get your set of shampoo and conditioner in 8 ounce bottles that come with your name printed on them!



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