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It’s Gettin’ Hot In Herre, So Keep On All Your Clothes

Bad news Nelly, you may need to update your 2002 song. A new type of fabric has been developed by University of Maryland scientists from a synthetic yarn with a carbon nanotube coating. It works by releasing heat in warm or humid conditions and trapping heat in cool or dry conditions.

This type of fabric will help in the future of tech wearables and fashion but in the earlier stages, hikers, explorers, and researchers journeying to destinations with challenging and changing climates will enjoy the benefits the most. Made with a conductive metal and two synthetic materials, one water absorbing and on water repelling, the coating is activated under different temperature condition and changes the way radiation interacts, “gating” the infrared radiation to act as a “tunable blind” to release or block heat. In addition to health monitoring tech wearables, we are likely to see more items like this fabric that allow us to be ready for anything the environment has to throw at us.


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