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Magical Gadgets or Are We Just that Technologically Advanced?

Image via Sarah Tew/CNET

CES 2019 showcased some pretty cool products, check out some of the gadgets from the convention that will be available to consumers this year:

1. LG's Disappearing TV

Video via CNET

Tired of your TV taking up space and ruining the aesthetic of your interior? Televisions meet modern art with this LG TV that lives in a contemporary stand which houses it when it’s off. When turned on, the 65-inch screen rolls out of its minimalist “box”, much like a medieval scroll being unfurled, and produces a crisp ultra-high definition 4K image without glitches The TV has two settings, one where the screen is fully extended and the other only showcases a few inches of the screen if the owner wants to display photos or a clock.It’s also fitted with top-of-the-line Dolby Atmos speakers, for the ultimate home theater experience. LG predicts that this model, called the Signature Series OLED TV R, will be available in the market by mid-2019. They have not released a price as of right now, but since it’s the first of its kind, it’ll surely cost a pretty penny.

2. Optè's Magical Beauty Wand

Video via The Verge 

Ever wish you had a magic wand that immediately gave you clear skin with one swipe? If so, you’re in luck. Optè is releasing one of CES’s most buzzed about devices, a beauty tool that gives you flawless, post-spa treatment skin.  Optè created a handheld machine that uses cameras to detect blemishes or dark spots and automatically apply color correcting makeup onto those problem areas. Set to hit the market late 2019 or early 2020, the Optè Precision Skincare System essentially has the same effect as a Snapchat’s skin smoothing feature. Run the device over your face and watch it work its magic!

 3. Clean Teeth in 10 Seconds

Video via Y-Brush
Brushing your teeth has never been the highlight of anyone’s day, and after years of doing the same dull task it has become quite a chore. Thanks to Fasteesh, a firm who seeking to disrupt oral hygiene, you can finally keep those pearly whites clean with minimal effort. Their Y-Brush is a futuristic toothbrush that fits the natural contours of your mouth and will clean your teeth in 10 seconds with its mechanical bristles. All you have to do is place toothpaste in between the bristles, place the mouthpiece in your upper or lower jaw, press the power button and hold for 5 seconds. You then flip the mouth piece to the opposing side of your mouth and hold for another 5 seconds. The Y-Brush will cost you $125 and will be available to order starting in April.


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