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The Fight Against Polluted Air

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Many of us may not realize it, but the air is filled with pollutants and chemicals linked to cancer and asthma. In 2012, a World Health Organization study revealed that over 7 million people worldwide were prematurely killed as a result of air pollution. In this dangerous ecological environment, you do not have to smoke cigarettes to face the health risks associated with inhaling toxins. Air pollution will only worsen as the climate changes – days that were once temperate will become much hotter, producing thick, stagnant air that traps pollution. Unfortunately, completely avoiding it is almost impossible – even if you live in secluded towns miles away from the city, wind can still send the contaminants your way. So, what can you do to at least give your lungs a break from the unsafe particles that infiltrate every breath you take? Read more for ways you can reduce your exposure to air pollution.

Trick Yourself Into Using Your Smart Phone Less

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The introduction of smartphones into our modern world has been a major blessing, and a curse. As we enjoy features like access to our friends and family no matter their location, we’re also becoming dependent on our devices, leading us to use our phones a lot throughout the day. How often do we find ourselves mindlessly scrolling through Twitter, Instagram or Facebook before we realize 10 or 15 minutes have passed? The average human spends about four hours on their phone a day, and that number only increases the younger the phone user is. If you feel like you spend too much time glued to your mobile device and find it distracting, click through for some tips on how to curb that habit.