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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to our blog! At Porte Play, we’re interested in how tech touches every aspect of our lives. From the devices we use every day, to cutting edge advancements that promise to change the future, we are always talking about latest news and developments. On the blog, we’ll be sharing articles that have us buzzing, keeping up to date on new product launches, and discussing the most compelling innovations in the industry.

Our favorite articles this week:

1. Monument Valley, the Movie.

Screenshot of Monument Valley gameScreenshot of Monument Valley gameScreenshot of Monument Valley game

Screenshots of gameplay via Monument Valley

Monument Valley combines architecture, MC Escher-inspired mazes, and a brave Princess in a beautifully designed, award winning game and now Paramount Pictures and Weed Road Pictures are developing a live action/CG hybrid feature film based on the iOS app. It will be interesting to see what story they tease out of the minimal, dialogue-free gameplay.

2. Studies show that robot-aided study may help children with autism in communication.

Demonstration image of ead researcher Brian Scassellati and child interacting with Jibo. Image via Science Robotics

Researchers have found that robotics may be an effective tool in assisting children with communication difficulties due to autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Researchers have discovered that a “social robot” named Jibo may help young children with communication differences become better adapted at handling social situations. According to Brian Scassellati, a roboticist from Yale University and lead researcher on this study, “Robots are the perfect combination. They’re social enough to get people to respond to them, but they’re not too social that they provoke any anxiety.”

3. The kids are worried about tech addiction, too.

Closeup image of group of young people on their phones

Image by Robbin Worrall via Unsplash

Teens are just as worried about how much time they spend in front of a screen as their parents. According a Pew study, more than 50% of teens have made an active effort to cut back on social media. However, cutting back doesn’t necessarily correlate with a better quality of life:  56% of teens feel anxious, lonely, or upset when they are away from their phones. Many blame this addiction on tech and social media platforms that make it increasingly difficult to disconnect and some have suggested that the tech titans and industry leaders who don’t let their kids use their products know exactly how addicting their products can be.

4. Nintendo releases a new Labo Vehicle Kit for Switch.

Image via Gizmodo

In April, the gaming company released Nintendo Labo, a gaming and construction platform for the Nintendo Switch. Each kit contains cardboard cutouts and building materials that can be assembled and used with the Switch console and controllers to that can interact with software. The company announced that it will be releasing a Vehicle Kit, which lets build, customize, and drive different vehicles. The kits are made to hit three areas of interest: construction, gaming, and programing. The kit includes materials to build cardboard controllers for multiple vehicles (car, submarine, and airplane), mini games to “test” your controls, and the Toy-Con garage, a programming platform which lets you combine and also teaches you how to make and program your own controllers. Watch this video to learn more about the Toy-Con Garage, and learn more about how you can build and program your own musical instruments.  

5. AI enters the contemporary art scene.

Image via Obvious

A portrait of Edmond De Belamy, a member of the fictional Belamy family, is set to be the first AI generated artwork to be auctioned by Christie’s. The image was created by Paris-based art collective, Obvious, using an algorithm that creates an image based on 15,000 data sets on portraits painted between the 14th and 20thcenturies. It was then run through another program that tries to distinguish differences between the AI generated and a human-made images. The finished painting is one that can fool the program into thinking that it’s made by a person and not a machine. The portrait is estimated to sell for $7,000-$10,000, but this is not the first time a painting of a Belamy has ended in the hands of an art aficionado -  Nicolas Laugero-Lasserre, a well-known collector purchased a painting from the series in February.



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