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Jalapeño Hands

Did you know that the Red Hot Chili Peppers sang Give It Away to spread awareness about phantom pain caused by a chili pepper compound? You shouldn’t have because it’s not true. The chemical compound known as Capsaicin, which is in the fruit of plants within the same family (i.e red chili peppers, jalapeños, and habaneros), is colorless, odorless, and binds to pain receptors and causing phantom heat and burning.

Will Everything Kill You?

Image via Lon Tweeten

You wake up, start reading some articles on your phone, and by noon you’re convinced that regardless of what you choose to do today, something will ultimately be the death of you. People post articles daily that speak to medicine and science. While there is truth in this, if you pick up a medical journal or science book from years back and begin to read closely, you may die of a misprint. Medicine and science are constantly changing and for the most part that change is full of improvements. The health and fitness of yesteryear do not always apply today, yet there are things to learn about history that we should pay close attention to.

On Monday there will be an article saying diet soda is the devil and high fructose corn syrup is his spawn, by Wednesday the same articles have had a change of heart, and by Friday people are getting sick from healthy Romaine and avocados (never forget). The point is that everyone will die and we know this, so rather than ping-ponging back and forth on your health kicks and damn near losing your mind, speak to your doctor and nutritionist about your goals and concerns. Paired with your complete medical history and long-standing medical health facts that we know have stood the test of time, you and your doctors can decide what the best path is for your health and happiness so can stop relying on BuzzFeed quizzes that tell you that you are most like Ross from Friends, but you also probably have diabetes. It’s time to Pivot.